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Naan Recipe

Through the ages, the Naan has left its stamp on South Asian cuisine. We examine its history and how it is being appreciated in its various forms. One of the most well-liked flatbreads typically served with South Asian cuisine is the naan.

Particularly culinary accompaniments from Northern Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Iran, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, and other nearby countries.

Have you ever been overwhelmed by the variety available today and wondered where it came from? We investigate and learn more about this enticing and pleasurable flatbread, which is well-liked throughout the world, including the UK, the USA, and Canada. The Naan is an Pakistani bread that is now consumed worldwide in most South Asian eateries and households.

If you want to have a Pakistani supper, you must make the Naan bread! Even though the conventional preparation calls for a Tandoor oven, you can still make this straightforward flatbread with great flavor in a cast iron pan!

Ingredients Of naan:

  • Plain flour
  • Oil
  • Warm water
  • Yogurt
  • Salted butter
  • Nigella (kalonji)
  • Salt
  • Instant yeast

Preparing Dough:

Naan Recipe: dough shouldn't be so sticky that it sticks to your handsFirst take a flour, salt, yeast, kalonji, and then add oil, yogurt and just use a spoon or a spatula to bring all those ingredients together and add water and knead it nicely soft dough. Once the dough is combined, it should be sticky and flexible enough to roll easily into a ball. However, the dough shouldn’t be so sticky that it sticks to your hands; for the proper texture, refer to the image above. Put some flour on top and knead it in if the dough is too sticky.

After kneading the dough put it in a bowl and take a clean tea towel cover it and leave it to rest for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes check your dough is rise or not if the dough is rise then it’s time to make the naan. Now take some dry flour and just sprinkle on the surface, take naan dough place that on top and divide it into equal size now. Once you cut them in equal size then just gently shape them.

Naan Recipe: oval shape naanThe next step is to roll this dough ball into a naan shape, go for an oval shape but also remember the pan that you’re using to cook in, so make sure you roll it according to your pan size because you don’t want it to not fit into your pan.

What will help the naan to cook and stick? So take cold water and apply a nice layer. Your pan is nice and hot then take the naan and throw the wet side onto pan and allow that to cook. Once the naan cooked remove it from the pan. Now take some butter apply some just on the top.

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